Surviving the Bosnian Genocide – Featuring thread by @Rrrrnessa

This post features a twitter thread by the Bosnian genocide survivor Arnesa.
Sarajevo’s Siege Survivor: A riveting account of resilience, resourcefulness, and survival during the four-year siege of Sarajevo. Explore the power of community and human spirit in times of extreme hardship, from bartering for essentials to finding solace in shared suffering. Discover how even in the face of adversity, the will to survive prevails.

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Surviving a Communication Blackout in Gaza

In our latest report, we delve into the grim reality of communication blackouts in Gaza, a crisis that has left civilians at unprecedented risk and further exacerbated an already dire situation. As sources like Amnesty International have reported, these blackouts make it increasingly difficult to obtain critical information and evidence about human rights violations.

Our article also features live tweets from individuals on the ground, providing an intimate look into their relentless efforts to restore and maintain internet and cell phone access for Gazans amidst this blackout. These firsthand accounts highlight the indomitable spirit of those fighting against the digital darkness, striving to reestablish vital lifelines of communication.

Communication blackouts do not just cut off internet and phone services; they silence voices, hinder emergency services, and obscure the truth. But even in the face of this adversity, the resilience of Gazans and their allies shines through. Join us as we shed light on this urgent issue.

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Essential Guide to Preparing for a Nuclear War

Explore essential survival strategies and tips in the face of a potential nuclear war. Understand the realities of nuclear warfare, the global political landscape, and how to prepare effectively. This guide offers an in-depth look at the increasing global reliance on nuclear capabilities, the risk of escalation, and practical advice on surviving a nuclear crisis.

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The 2018 Tham Luang Cave Rescue: A Remarkable Story of Survival and Resilience

The tale of the Tham Luang cave rescue is one of extraordinary heroism and unity. It reminds us of our shared humanity and the lengths we can go to preserve it. As we remember this remarkable event, we pay tribute to the brave rescuers, especially Saman Kunan, the former Thai Navy SEAL who tragically lost his life during the mission.

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