Surviving a Communication Blackout in Gaza

Surviving a Communication Blackout in Gaza

Late Friday night all communication channels blacked out in Gaza after critical communication channels were damaged. This communication blackout in Gaza made it impossible for medics and journalists to continue their work. As people lost connection with their loved ones, people figured out an ingenious way to restore communication channels in Gaza.

One X (formerly twitter) user @kachalooooo posted a video on how to buy e-sims and send them to people in Gaza.

Another user named @MuhammadSmiry posted that iPhone 13 Pro Max a2644 models do not support eSIMs. You can also click here to figure out how to check if your phone is eSIM compatible or not.

According to @Mirna_elhelbaw People have taken an initiative to purchase data and sms plans on e-sims and then they are transferring these e-sims to people in Gaza.

Communication Blackout in Gaza – Update on 1st November 2023

We are getting reports of another communications blackout in Gaza right now.

Meanwhile it seems like the services of Nomad are no longer working in Gaza.

Based on the official reply by Nomad account, it seems like they may have run into connection limits due to high demand for Gaza based connections. Regardless of this, more and more people are getting connected to eSIMs in Gaza.

Nomad is not the only eSIM solution. There are others as well such as Simly and Holafly.

Meanwhile the mission to provide eSIMs to people in Gaza continues unstopped.

Using eSIMs to Circumvent Communication Blackouts

This is an ingenious solution that definitely needs to be added into your communication blackout survival guide.

In disaster and war zones, communication blackouts can severely hinder critical operations and endanger lives. eSIMs present a transformative solution for human rights organizations, hospitals, medics, and activists working in these challenging environments. Their ability to switch between network providers without the need for physical SIM cards enables consistent and reliable communication, even when certain networks are compromised or entirely non-functional. This flexibility is paramount in maintaining coordination between teams, providing timely medical aid, documenting human rights abuses, and mobilizing resources effectively. By circumventing communication blackouts, eSIMs serve as a lifeline, fortifying resilience and response in situations where every second counts.

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